"Knitting is the saving of life" ~ Virginia Woolf

 Our  guild has several charities that we support with our knitting and you are welcome to add your knitted or crocheted items:

1.  We support PROJECT LINUS This project collects afghans and other items for abused and displaced woman and children. You can donate hand made items anytime. There is no one pattern or color that has to be used although acrylic yarn is a plus because it is so durable and easily laundered. Any yarn or material you no longer want is also gladly accepted and made into items for this.

2.  We knit for PRECIOUS PALS.  These are hand made or decorated stuffed animals or dolls that are donated to the police department to give to children who are in crisis situations, such as domestic abuse, traffic accidents or perhaps a fire, anything where the police officers believe the child would feel better holding onto something comforting.  Last year we donated more than 100 items to the Corona Police Department.

3.  We knit  PREEMIE HATS for babies born in our local hospitals. 

4JANE WOOD MEMORIAL CHALLENGE More fun than a fundraiser   ~  Those who wish to participate are given 2 balls of yarn (1 each of two different colors).  They may add no more than one skein or a color of their choice.  At the November Saturday meeting all submissions are brought to the meeting.  We have a contest and then auction off the items.

5. AFGHAN ~ Currently we donate our afghan to an organization in the community and they use it as a fundraiser. Patterns are selected and squares of 8" or 12" on a side are made by the members. For years Gerri L. an original  member of the Guild puts the squares together and adds a border. It is then displayed for all to see.

6.  We knit Lap-robes for Veterans that are living in the Veterans Home.

7. We knit for THE RED SCARF PROJECT ~ Red Scarves 2015 are for teens transitioning out of foster care into work or school.  DPSS provides support, including a Christmas party, when they receive community donations.  Scarves should be 8 to 10 inches wide and approximately 60 inches long. Make sure they are machine washable.  To add some silliness and fun, there will be occasional door prizes and  and maybe something else.   Further information can be found here on  their website.



To Contact us E-mail:

President : Sandra Ortega 
                              Subj:  RKG