"Knitting is the saving of life" ~ Virginia Woolf

The Riverside Knitting Guild held it's first meeting at Little Bloomers in the Brockton Arcade, Riverside, CA on January 18, 1995. Martha Kish formed the guild and was the first president. In the beginning there were 19 Charter Members and today Mary Crawford, Alese Wahrman and Gerri Leichtenberg are members that were a part of the original 19.  Initially the guild was called The Inland Empire Knitting Guild. This name was changed in 1997 because they thought Inland Empire was too vague and they wanted the name to reflect the exact location.

The Riverside Knitting Guild has had 3 meeting locations:

1995 - 1998 Riverside YWCA


1998 - 2003 Redlands Federal Bank

2003 - present Casa Blanca Library

2015 - We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary. Click this link to read a history of the Guild.

RKG has had 14 presidents and Sue Tavaglione  served 5 terms. At present the president is Sandra Ortega who is serving here first term.  We thank  Vicki Brown, Shelley Wardrop and Louise O'Gara for two years of service, our  current membership stands at 45 members. We are growing!