"Knitting is the saving of life" ~ Virginia Woolf

Riverside Knitting Guild

Standing Rules

Revised September 06, 2014


1. The RKG shall hold a business meeting on the first Saturday of each month. Twelve (12) business meetings will be held during the year, or as appropriate to accommodate workshops and holidays. The January meeting shall be considered to be the Planning Meeting for the upcoming year.

2. Prior to presenting the slate of officers to the membership, the Nominating Committee will certify that the majority of the Officers/Board of Directors will have been members of RKG for a period of one year from the date upon which they will assume their respective offices. The remainder of the Board members must have held membership in the RKG for a minimum of six
months from the date upon which they will assume office. A member will be eligible to hold a major chair/coordinator position after six months of membership.

3. Application to become a member of RKG shall be made to the Membership Chair.

4. Chapter membership dues shall be $15.00 per year. Upon joining RKG, each member shall be charged for the current price of a nametag. Dues paid by a new member joining RKG, if received by October, November or December shall be considered to be paid in full for the next calendar

5. The Membership Chair shall provide each new member with a copy of the Bylaws, Standing Rules, membership list and any other information  necessary for that member to participate fully in the Guilds’ activities. The membership information will be used for Guild business only. No one may give out personal information on a member to an outsider without the permission of the individual whose information is requested.

6. The Chairs/Coordinators shall keep a written record of their activities. This record must be presented to the new Chairs/Coordinators.

7. A “member in good standing” is defined as a member whose dues have been paid.

8. An annual budget prepared by the Treasurer, with the advice and consent of the Board, shall be submitted to members prior to the February business meeting. Members will approve the budget at the February business meeting. This budget will include all anticipated operating expenditures for the fiscal year, and the amounts allocated for each of the Board members and standing committees. This budget is approved by a majority vote of members in good standing present at a scheduled business meeting during which a quorum is present.

Requests for additional funding (beyond the approved budgeted amounts or for expenditures not included in the annual budget) require separate approval. Such requests must be submitted in writing to the Board at least forty‐eight hours prior to a scheduled Board meeting. Approval by both the Board and membership at the next scheduled business meeting are required. Approval is by simple majority vote.

9. E‐Mail Voting: When an emergency business situation arises between Board meetings, the President may ask the Board for written consent for a proposed action which may be given electronically. The Board action must be ratified and recorded in the minutes of the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

10. Both the Treasurer and the President will review the bank statements monthly.

11. These Standing Rules may be amended, repealed or altered in part, by a majority vote of those members in good standing present at a scheduled meeting at which a quorum is present.

12. No Event shall be scheduled at a venue or facility without prior approval of the Board. No individual can use the RKG name in personal advertisements. (added 9/6/2014).